#1 Creating a Drupal 7 custom theme from an HTML template :: Part 1

This series will show you how to setup a custom theme in drupal 7 from an HTML template.

Video 1 shows you the thought process behind the converting the theme to Drupal 7 (What do I need to create for the page? What regions? etc) , the modules / tools needed and begins preparing the site for theming.

Acquia Development Environment :: http://acquia.com/downloads#acquia-drupal
Drupal 7 Core :: http://drupal.org/project/drupal
Modules :: Use the search function on drupal.org and make sure you have the following modules :: Views, Views slideshow, Ctools, Nodequeue, Libraries, Devel, Zenophile, Backup and Migrate, Token, Pathauto,

Themes :: Use the search function on drupal.org :: Zen

IDE: Netbeans :: http://netbeans.org/

Views Slideshow themeing video on mustard seed media :: http://mustardseedmedia.com/podcast/episode42

Photoshop TechLayout HTML Files


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