Behind Paper.js: On the nuts and bolts of designing and building a vector graphics library in JavaScript

Presented by Jürg Lehni at JSLA ( Thursday May 30th, 2013

As one of the creators of Paper.js, Jürg Lehni will shed light on the history and functionality of the library. His presentation will also focus on various meta-programming tricks, such as the implementation of operator overloading in JavaScript to make vector math a first class citizen, a row of other syntactic goodies that lead to more readable code, almost automatic (de)serialization of data structures, and an internal micro framework used for simple class inheritance with support for accessors and dynamic overloading.





BTP Official Website Motion Graphics : MINIMAL T-shirts

Client : BTP
Exhibition for: Project 2011, Pool Trade Show 2011

Collaboration with■■■
The California State University / Professor of Graphic Design■■■ Theron Moore​arts/​art/​faculty/​moore.html

Brand Direction■■■ Akira Naito
Logo Design■■■ Chisa Hamada
My Role■■■ Animation Direction, Design, Motion Graphic

Synopsis: “Just BLACK ink can draw unlimited stories on WHITE T-shirts.“
This motion graphic represents the fashion brand BTP’s concept, pursing the possibility of the MINIMAL design on simple T-shirts. To convey their vision visually, I used very limited desaturated colors, BLACK & WHITE, to show the beautiful motion of black ink floating in water, transforming its shapes and telling stories in it. The simplest colors can have strong impacts on the variety of possibilities.

BTP will participatie in Project 2011 and POOL TRADE SHOW 2011 in Las Vegas.


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