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As many of you know, I publish a weekly newsletter called Web Tools Weekly that’s now gained a pretty nice subscriber base of over 10,000. In addition to the weekly list of categorized tools, each issue usually starts with a brief tutorial or tip, usually something focused on JavaScript and the DOM.

After 80+ issues, I’ve amassed quite a bit of JavaScript- and DOM-focused content. All of that content is available for free in the Web Tools Weekly archives. However, for those who would like to read the tips on a tablet or mobile device, I thought it would be useful to put it together in book form in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. So I’ve just released JavaScript & DOM Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, a collection of 70 tips (125+ pages in PDF), priced at $5.

JavaScript & DOM Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

The tips in the book appear in the same order as they’ve appeared chronologically in the newsletter each week. Although the book was produced through Leanpub, I’m not promoting it for sale via that channel. Leanpub is pretty flexible, so I’m selling it via Pulley, which is an inexpensive and super-simple service for selling digital goods. You can purchase it through Leanpub if you want, but that’s not my preferred channel.

The book uses Leanpub’s default settings for technical material, so it’s very reader-friendly and the code highlighting is really nice. Below is a screenshot from the PDF:


And here is one from the EPUB on iOS using scrolling view:


Like I said, all of the content in this e-book is available for free online on the Web Tools Weekly website (aside from some minor corrections and improvements), so the material isn’t new but it’s just packaged in an easier to read format for offline viewing.

Below are the links for the full description of the content and the direct purchase:

  • JavaScript & DOM Tips, Tricks, and Techniques E-Book (info page with table of contents)
  • Buy it now for $5
    • I’ll continue to publish similar tips in the newsletter in the weeks ahead, but if you’re interested in getting all the past tips in one package, it’s all here.

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