A Simplified EU Cookie Law Approach

Thanks for everyone starring the repo, cookies-monster made it to cdnjs!

I’ve already talked about the EU cookie law, but moaning about it won’t solve the issue. Until common sense and competence will reach European politics so that this law can be erased, we should provide some info to our users.

Not Another Library

There are already few solutions that require a manual or libraries plugins that will cost much bandwidth.
I’ve decided to use my “special vanilla powers” and go lightweight for real: 578 bytes once “minzipped“.
There is absolutely nothing else to do than just including the script. Zero config, drop in and go.

You Are Free To Text & Style

There’s no predefined template, there’s no predefined style, unless you’d like to use the same I’ve used for the following page:

You are in charge of the message to show, and you could put an optional link or a button in it with the class cookies-monster-accepted.
If the script will find such button, it will configure it as explicit call to action and once such link/button has been clicked, it will set a cookie that will expire in a year, and it will add the class hidden to the main container which should have a cookies-monster id.
Following an example of the most basic layout.

<div id="cookies-monster" class="hidden">
This sites uses cookies. <a

Nothing else … really

Since you are in charge of pretty much everything, you know what to write on your banner, with the needed language, and with any extra link or option you want. Just stick the script in and you are ready to go!

What would be awesome though, is some star to its repo, even if you have your own solution, so that we can move the script in cdn.js and forget once for all about this problem.

Thank You for reading and contributing!

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