Drupal – Goals Module – Gamification for your Drupal site.

A demonstration of the Goals Module for Drupal 7. This is a module that has been developed to enhance the capabilities of gamification on Drupal. It includes “Goals” and “Tasks”, which are completed by users.

If you want a gamification system for your Drupal site, the Goals module may be what you’re looking for. This module allows you to easily set up a customized gamification system which gives you to the power to incentivize activity on your site. Whether it’s voting, sharing content, creating relationships, or any other action or behavior you want to encourage on your site.

There are a number features which make the Goals module unique. First, goals are fieldable entities, so you can customize each goal with additional fields like Descriptions and images. With Entity API and module-level hooks, you can extend the functionality of the module to integrate with other modules and third-party apps!

This module can be used for more than just gamification. It can be leveraged to easily track what users are doing on your site.

The module is available at http://drupal.org/project/goals.

This module is sponsored by Duo Consulting (http://www.duoconsulting.com).


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