Getting started with Avocode – Designer

Hey there, welcome to Avocode – the easiest way to turn Photoshop/Sketch designs into code.

Avocode lets you spend more time designing while developers can easily get quick access to all the design information and assets they need — including colors, fonts, CSS, and images. Lets jump inside to see how it works.

First, upload your designs into Avocode. To do that, just drag&drop it into the project manager and assign it to a project.

For an even more flawless workflow – you can use our Photoshop or Sketch plugins to sync designs without leaving your workspace.

Once all of your designs are in Avocode, you can share them with your developer to inspect.

This is just a brief overview of what can Avocode do and every section in Avocode has an instructions video with more details. So feel free to check them out and explore Avocode.


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