Hidden Joomla Secrets – Brian Teeman (UK)

The first Hidden Joomla Secrets presentation has been seen by over 30,000 people and has been featured on the front page of slideshare.net three times since it was first published. It’s about time it was updated for Joomla 1.6/7 so this will be the premier of the long awaited “all new” presentation with 20 secrets to share with you for the first time.

The presentation is all about exposing the true power, flexibility and opportunities that Joomla offers web developers all around the world. I discovered last time that most of the “Secrets” were not known by even the most experienced Joomla web site builders and I’m confident that this “all new” presentation will surprise you even more.

Day 2, Track 1
Presenter: Brian Teeman (UK) (BrianTeeman.net)
Dates: 19-20 August 2011
Venue: The Pavillion Conference Centre in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa


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