Jägermeister / Website [EN] (2009)

Alive and kicking:
The new Jägermeister Brand Experience

Jägermeister changes everything. Because transformation is the brand’s core-intuition. The momentum of the transition therefore stands at the center of the new corporate website – as a connecting basic principle of design, technology and programming.


The new Jägermeister website is a staging of change. The visitor does not navigate through it; he passes through innumerable multi-layered transformations, that all
originate from the same place, the site’s core – the Jägermeister bottle. It is the central element, grants access to each facet of the brand Jägermeister and leads the visitor to new visual dimensions.

The live section celebrates the whole Jägermeister party-spectrum by making use of every web-technological trick in the book – ranging from IP-tracking to Google Maps Mashup. In the drinks section, the interplay of interactive 3D-animation, highly realistic liquid-simulation and custom-made sound design creates an involving mixing tutorial. The website’s visual center is the gallery with full screen event impressions and an image-editing-tool specially developed in flash.

In order to unite this multitude of complex phenomena with a harmonious user experience, a modular rich-media-architecture was established that incorporates the requirements of transformation capability from a programming point of view – in a „crazy operating system“ whose contents behave like programs and can be installed or de-installed at will. The specially developed AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)-Editor enables, both designers and developers, to realize their ideas directly within the flash-AS3-framework.

Best of all: grounding this sophisticated, technical environment in the in-house CMS SyComax makes prompt updateability and maintenance possible. Ideal conditions not just for the numerous country versions but also for a target-oriented user approach: the crazy operating system boots interest-specifically for every target group by adjusting the system according to the age stated at the Age Gate. Transformation complete.

Sound: Jens Fischer
Voice Over: John Ned Irving



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