Plugins For WordPress Developers | Marketing Press TV : Episode 23

Marketing Press developer, Jeremy Scott talks about his favorite plugins for WordPress developers. Check out why we use Custom Widget Classes, Advanced Custom Fields & Gravity Forms.

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Filmed on location at the Marketing Press offices.

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So what plug-ins do a word developer use? I’ll tell you.

Hey, I’m Jeremy Scott, and I’m one of the developers over here at MarketingPress. And I want to talk to you about some of the plug-ins that a developer puts to use as they’re building a website. I have three favorites that I really like to use.

So the first one I want to talk about is one that helps us design the sidebars. These are usually really customized by web designers, and they’re difficult to get to unless you use a plug-in that gives the custom CSS class to it. So we use Custom Widget Classes. It’s a great, simple to use plug-in, and it allows us to give a name to the widget in the form of a CSS class that we can then design on top of. Much less complicated for writing the code and just helps us get that done quickly.

The second one I like to use is called Advanced Custom Fields. This allows me to add custom fields that, to the user, the end user of the product, they can go in and it works just like those fields in the back end of a WordPress install where it says put a title or something like that, instead of the traditional and kind of difficult to use Custom Fields Editor that WordPress provides automatically.

And finally, and I know Greg’s already talked about it, is Gravity Forms. Forms are one of the most important parts that go onto any marketing driven website. It gets that valuable user input and/or that user interaction that creates the value for you and why you’re building this website. And so having a good form editor is absolutely important.

Put those three to use, and you’re going to be set. Thanks for watching. If you like our videos, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, or you can subscribe to this as a podcast in iTunes.


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