This Week in Mobile Web Development (#144)

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Mobile Web Weekly February 8, 2017   #144
Holly Schinsky recommends
The Web Share API Brings Native Sharing Capabilities to The Browser — The Web Share API is a modern browser API designed to extend users’ sharing experience in a cross-platform way.
Serg Hospodarets
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Google Makes AMP URLs Shareable — One of the biggest complaints about AMP was that it hid the original URL. Google has made some tweaks and the latest technical challenges and changes are explained here.
Chris Brandrick recommends
Building Great Mobile Forms — Some approaches for helping users be successful with the forms you are designing.
Capture both native and JavaScript errors 💥 in React Native! — Automatically detect JavaScript and native OS crashes with Bugsnag for React Native. Get full stacktraces for every error with support for sourcemaps, dSYMs, and Proguard. You’ll be alerted instantly when crashes occur 🚀. Start your free trial.

Brian Rinaldi recommends
Maintaining Accessibility in a Responsive World — How to handle the disconnect that can occur with assistive technology when you adapt a layout to the viewport size.
Scott Jehl
Brian Rinaldi recommends
NativeScript 2.5 is Now Available — Improvements include an improved WebPack story, Chrome DevTools debugger integration and more.
Chris Brandrick recommends
Twitter Mobile Traffic Now Powered by Node.js — They switched over yesterday to a Node and React-based PWA.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Use Angular Translate to Build A Multi-Language Ionic Framework App
Jorge Vergara
Holly Schinsky recommends
Porting a Vue.js Webapp to a PhoneGap-Based App
Timo Ernst
Brian Rinaldi recommends
A Podcast on the Latest with AMP — Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier discuss AMP with Google’s Paul Bakaus.
ShopTalk Show
Holly Schinsky recommends
framework7-redux: Redux Bindings to Keep a Redux Store in Sync with Framework7
Ben Compton
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Luxbar: A Featherweight, Responsive, CSS Only Navigation bar
Balazs Saros
Chris Brandrick recommends
Help Us Test Ionic Native 3.x — Ionic are currently seeking feedback on their latest build of Ionic Native – which moves each plugin to its own npm module.
Max Lynch
Holly Schinsky recommends
Ionic 2 Instagram Authentication and Instagram API Integration (on Android and iOS) — A sample app using Ionic 2, Instagram authentication and the Instagram API.
Sudipta Sarkar
Holly Schinsky recommends
Ionic 2 vs. Ionic 1: Performance Gains, New Tools, and a Big Step Forward — We announced the release of Ionic 2 last week.
Julien Renaux
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Integrating Progressive Web Apps Deeply into Android — Progressive web apps can now appear in the app drawer alongside full apps and offer the same notification controls.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Adaptive Design vs. Responsive Web Design — What’s the difference? Luca explains how a conversation with Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane that he’d listened to changed the way he looked at this.
Luca Passani
Chris Brandrick recommends
Lottie: After Effects Animations for React Native — An iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time and makes animations as easy to use as static assets.
Airbnb Engineering
Holly Schinsky recommends
Onsen UI Releases Alpha Bindings for Vue2
Onsen UI
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