This Week in Mobile Web Development (#153)

Mobile Web Weekly April 12, 2017   #153
Holly Schinsky recommends
Ionic 3.0 Released: The Native and PWA App Framework — Ionic jumps to 3.0 in an Angular 4-style semantic versioning switch, bringing lazy loading, and Angular 4 and TypeScript 2.1+ compatibility.
The Official Ionic Blog
Peter Cooper recommends
How Twitter Built Twitter ‘Lite’ — A new progressive web app (PWA) available on Nicolas Gallagher explains the stack behind it.
Twitter Engineering
Chris Brandrick recommends
Twitter Lite and High Performance React PWAs at Scale — A look into removing performance bottlenecks, both common and uncommon, in one of the largest React.js PWAs, the aforementioned Twitter Lite.
Paul Armstrong


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Brian Rinaldi recommends
Could Accelerated Mobile Pages Be Bad News for News? — Some well reasoned arguments as to why AMP may be bad for the web and publishers, despite good intentions.
Andrew Betts
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Combine AMP with Progressive Web Apps — A series of tutorials on how to enable PWA features in an AMP page, use an AMP page as an entry point into a PWA and use AMP as a data source for a PWA.
AMP Project
Holly Schinsky recommends
Cordova Android 6.2.1 Released — A new version of Cordova Android has been released and fixes issues with the Android SDK Tools as well as other important updates.
Apache Cordova
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Importance of Mobile Web Performance in 2017 — A series of stats from a variety of sources related to web performance as well as AMP.
Pawel Piejko
Chris Brandrick recommends
Adding iOS Dynamic Type Support to Web Views — A how-to on getting iOS’s ‘Dynamic Type’ accessibility feature to play nice with CSS in your app’s web views.
Laura Kalbag
Brian Rinaldi recommends
No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites (Except This One Weird Case) — Josh Clark explains why you should not include social share buttons on mobile websites unless the user came from a social network.
Big Medium
Holly Schinsky recommends
Building an Ionic Image Gallery With Zoom — How to add an image gallery with zoom capabilities to your Ionic apps.
Simon Reimler
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Create a PWA With Ionic That Scores 90+ on Google’s Lighthouse
Dennis Bruijn
Holly Schinsky recommends
Ionic and Firebase Authentication — Learn how to authenticate users in your Ionic 3 apps with Firebase.
Aaron Czichon
Peter Cooper recommends
A Look at Ionic 3’s New Lazy Loading Functionality
Paul Halliday
Holly Schinsky recommends
Add Serverless Firebase Push Notifications to Your React Native App — Part 2 in building a Chat App with React Native, showing how to add serverless push notifications with Firebase.
Chris Brandrick recommends
How To Set Up An Automated Testing System Using Android Phones — A case study written by Mail.Ru’s test engineer on how to build a flexible and extensible automated testing system for Android smartphones — from scratch.
Alexey Perfilov
Holly Schinsky recommends
Debugging CSS for UI Responsiveness — CSS properties and values that trigger reflows are costly when it comes to page and UI responsiveness.
Tiffany Brown
Holly Schinsky recommends
Automatic Icon Export for HTML, iOS, and Android — How to use Sketch to export your app assets in multiple resolutions and formats.
William Candillon
Holly Schinsky recommends
PWA with Ionic Framework: Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ on building Progressive Web Apps with Ionic.
Jorge Vergara
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Creating Your First Native Mobile App with Visual Studio — Part 2 in this series on building a native mobile app in Visual Studio with NativeScript focuses on creating the layout and connecting dummy data.
Rob Lauer
Holly Schinsky recommends
phonegap-visuals-generator: Generate Visuals for PhoneGap — Icon and Splash Screens generator for Cordova/PhoneGap apps.
Adrian Voica

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