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http://ADMLocalBusinessPro.com – Have you been searching for WordPress themes for local businesses? Well look no further than ADM Local Business Pro – the first premium WordPress theme that includes built in tools to help you take the initial theme and turn it into your own personally branded theme for your business. Imagine being able to sell ‘custom’ designs to your clients, and then take an existing theme, and then within a few minutes set it up, make some changes, and then easily rebrand it as your own – no html skills required.

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How to Pick the Right Theme for You

You’ll see various business coaches and bloggers recommending specific themes – and there’s a reason for that. Based on their own experience and their business model, the recommendations make sense. Some run support programs and having all their clients using the same theme allows them to provide great value and a consistent message. If you’re in that situation, working with a specific coach who is recommending a specific theme, I’d advise you to go with their recommendation. But if you’re not a client of one of those coaches or bloggers, you’ve got more options!

Here’s a checklist of things to consider as you’re researching a theme for your business site:

Is the theme backed by a solid development team? Does it have good support? Most free themes won’t offer support or inconsistent support (because really, who could afford to?), so that alone is reason to purchase a premium theme. Nothing worse than trying to do something with a theme and having no one to ask. Developer street cred is easy to check in the About Us section, a quick Google search, and user forums, if you can access them as a prospective buyer (some allow access and some don’t, which makes sense, considering members are paying for access in many cases and it wouldn’t be fair to allow access for free – but some do). If you can access forums, look for the quality of interaction, see how many posts don’t have responses, and be doing a few searches for reviews. You can (and should) also do a search for reviews for the theme.

If you do look at reviews, there are a few things to keep in mind:
1) some reviews that show up in search results are REALLY outdated – check the dates and don’t bother reading anything older than the last 6 months or so, as themes and theme support can change quickly;
2) many reviews are by affiliates who get a commission if you buy the theme via a link from their site – not necessarily a bad thing as most of us would never recommend something that’s awful to work with, but something to keep in mind; and
3) everyone has their ‘favorite’ theme, and some REALLY love their favorite theme and think any others are garbage. Don’t let that sway you.

Does it provide good SEO options out of the box? Most of the top premium themes have excellent SEO options built in for you to use, as well as the fact they’re ‘coded’ in such a way that the search engines find them easy to work with.

Does it look close to what you want your site to look like, out of the box, or does it require major customization to get it looking decent? This is important and where a lot of people get hung up. Depending on your situation and the type of information you’ll be sharing, you may want a theme that you don’t have to customize much. In other cases, you may want site that’s extremely customized, so those themes that have fewer ‘out of the box’ design options probably won’t work without a lot of custom CSS work (which, of course, will be an investment in either time for you or funds to hire a developer). Check to see what customizations come with the theme by default – some are very limited with regard to colors and fonts an layouts available without knowing how to use CSS (the ‘code’ used to style the site) or PHP (which ‘codes’ the functionality and the layouts and page templates, etc.), and some have unlimited options. That said, customizations don’t have to be costly to hire a developer to do for you if you know what you want. There are also quality plugins available for such customizations as Google fonts that you can add to your theme to allow you to play with fonts without knowing any CSS. Feel free to ask the sales team of the theme you’re checking out to be sure it has what you want.

Is the cost in your price range? Most of the premium themes that are worth their salt run in the range of $40 to $80 or even more.

Is it a one-time charge or are there annual renewal fees? Annual renewals may sound like a pain, but they allow the developer to continue supporting the product.


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